Networking Module

The «Network Module» of the platform includes the results of the following activities:

  • The pilot "establishment" and the definition of the subject of RES / EE cluster in the Ioannina and Argyrokastro areas.
  • The collection and analysis of data and information that led to the selection of members of the cluster formation following the 4-helix model (Industry, Research Body, Public Authority, Civil Society). The collected data were obtained through a methodical questionnaire and thus created the profiles with the data of the participating members of the cluster originating from the two geographical locations of the region of Greece Albania.
  • The final tool design of platform to make it a "gateway" to networking all members of the cluster active in RES and EE projects in the wider areas of Ioannina and Argyrokastro.
In this context, a specialized collaborative tool / search engine was implemented within the G.A.T.E. on line platform for the support of its members, which contributes to networking, exchange of know-how and cooperation between members in the Ioannina and Argirokastro areas.