Collaborating Module

The «Collaborating Module» includes the results of the following activities:

  • The collection and analysis of data and information that led to the selection of the "strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats”, by the members of the Cluster / Network for products / services - RES / EE projects in the regions of Ioannina and Argyrokastro.
  • Designing the extension of the web platform to support communication and collaboration between the members of the Cluster Mechanism / Network, utilizing and using the results of S.W.O.T. analysis to provide synergies and opportunities for the development of joint RES / EE project services in Ioannina - Argyrokastro.
In the context of the above, this is a specialized tool / collaboration to facilitate the creation of synergies as well as to create the conditions for the development of common products - services - projects that exploit the potential for RES and EE in Ioannina - Argyrokastro.